【精品推荐】2020届高考英语一轮复* 第一部分 基础考点聚焦 Unit 2 Cloning课件 新人教版选修8

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1.straightforward adj. 2.procedure n. 3.cast vt. 4.arbitrary adj. 5.attain vt.

_____简__单__的__;__直__接__的__;__坦__率__的______ _______程__序__;__步__骤__;__手__续__________ ___________扔__;__投__;__掷____________ _____________任__意__的______________ _获__得__;__到__达__(_水__*__、__年__龄__、__状__况__等__)_

6.moral adj. 7.constitution n. 8.initial adj. 9.vain adj. 10.adore vt.

_________道__德__(上__)_的__;__伦__理__的_______ ___________宪__法__;__章__程____________ __________最__初__的__;__开__始__的_________ _____虚__荣__的___;__自__负__的__;__徒__劳__的_____ ________崇__拜__;__爱__慕__;__喜__爱_________

1.__a_l_to_g_e_t_h_e_r__ adv. 2.____f_o_rb__id____ vt. 3.__co_m__p_u_l_s_o_r_y_ adj. 4._____o_w_e_____ vt. 5.____s_h_o_r_tl_y___ adv. 6.____b_o_t_h_e_r___ vt.
vi. n.

总共;完全地 禁止;不准 必须做的;义务的;强迫的;强制的 欠(账、钱、人情等);归功于…… 立刻;不久 打扰 操心 烦扰

7._____st_r_ik__e___ vt.& vi.
n. 8.__d_r_a_w__b_a_c_k__ n. 9.___re_g_u_l_a_t_io_n__ n. 10._b_r_e_a_k_th__ro_u_g_h_ n. 11.____o_b_t_a_in____ vt.

打;撞击;罢工 罢工 缺点;不利条件 规则;规章;法规 突破 获得;赢得

1.__a_c_c_u_m_u_l_a_t_e_ vt.&vi.积累;聚积→_a_c_c_u_m_u_l_a_t_io_n_ n.积累; 增加 2.____d_if_f_e_r____ vi.不同;相异→___d_i_ff_e_r_en__t __ adj.不同的;与 众不同的→___d_if_f_er_e_n_c_e__ n.差异;不同 3.__u_n_d_e_r_t_a_k_e__ vt.着手;从事;承担→__u_n__d_e_rt_o_o_k__ (过去 式)→_u__n_d_e_r_ta_k_e_n__ (过去分词) 4.__r_e_a_s_o_n_a_b_le__ adj.合情理的;讲道理的;公道的→___r_e_a_so_n___ n.理由,道理 5.___m__e_r_el_y____ adv.仅;只;不过→_____m__e_re____ adj.仅仅的

6.__d_e_c_o_r_a_t_io_n__ n.装饰→___d_e_c_o_r_a_te___ v.装饰;布置 7._____re_t_i_re____ vi.退休;离开→__r_et_i_r_em__e_n_t__ n.退休;引退 8._a_s_s_u_m__p_t_io_n__ n.假定;设想→____a_s_s_u_m_e___ vt.假定;设想 9.__p_o_p_u__la_r_i_ty__ n.受人喜爱;流行→___p_o_p_u_l_a_r___ adj.流行 的;通俗的;受欢迎的 10.____o_b_je_c_t____ vi.反对;不赞成→___o_b_j_e_c_ti_o_n__ n.不赞成; 反对;异议 11.c_o_r_r_e_c_t_io_n_ n.改正;纠正;修正→_c_o_r_r_e_c_t_ vt.改正;纠正 12.___re_s_i_st___ vt.抵抗;对抗→__r_e_s_is_t_a_n_t_ adj.抵抗的,反抗的

[用所给词的适当形式填空] 1.Grey decided to move to the countryside and his mother made no _o_b_j_e_c_ti_o_n_to it,while his father_o_b__je_c_t_e_d_to it.(object) 2.Don’t ____a_s_su__m_e___ that you are a princess and stop living in _a_s_s_u_m_p__ti_o_n_s_ any more.(assume) 3.Nowadays few people can ____r_e_si_s_t____ the temptation of money, whoever is ___r_e_s_is_t_a_n_t__ to it is bound to achieve a lot in their life.(resist) 4.He _r_e_t_ir_e_d_from the post as a manager. After his _r_e_t_ir_e_m_e_n_t_,
he settled down in a remote village.(retire)

1.____p_a_y_o_f_f___ 2.__c_a_s_t_d_o_w__n__ 3.__o_b__je_c_t_t_o___ 4._i_n_f_a_v_o_u_r__o_f _ 5.__o_w__e_.._.t_o_.._. __

得到好结果;取得成功;偿清 使失望;使沮丧 反对;不赞成 赞成;支持 把……归功于……

6.____(b_e_)_b_o__u_n_d_t_o__(d_o_)_.._.__ 7._s_t_r_ik_e_._.._in__to__o_n_e_’__s_h_e_a_r_t 8.____f_r_o_m__ti_m__e_t_o_t_im__e____ 9.___b_r_i_n_g_b_a_c_k__t_o_l_if_e_____ 10.___i_n_v_a_i_n____ 11.__i_n_g_o_o_d_/_p_o_o_r_c_o_n_d__it_io_n__

一定或注定(做)…… 使……刻骨铭心 不时;偶尔 使复生;使复活 白费力气; 枉费心机 状况很好/坏;情况很好/坏

[选用上面的短语填空] 1.Keep on working hard like this, and your research i_s_b_o_u_n_d_ __t_o__ obtain great success. 2.The soil was not __i_n_g_o_o_d__c_o_n_d_it_i_o_n_ any longer owing to the continuous acid rain(酸雨). 3.Mountain Tai ___s_tr_u_c_k_____ its beauty ___in_t_o__h_e_r_h_e_a_r_t__
and she decided to visit it again the next year. 4.His parents tried to persuade him not to give up his well? paid job, but their efforts were ____in__v_a_in____. 5.The athlete’s years of hard training ___p_a_i_d__o_ff___ when she
finally won the Olympic gold medal.


①drawback n.


②breakdown n.


③farewell n.


④feedback n.


⑤set?up n.


⑥break?up n.


accumulate 及其相关动词小结













resist 及其形*词集锦 ①resist v. ②insist v. ③assist v. ④assistant n. ⑤consist vi. ⑥consistent adj.

抵抗 坚持 协助 助手 由……组成 始终如一的

“in+名词+of”短语全接触 ①in favour of ②in memory of ③in search of ④in honour of ⑤in view of ⑥in terms of

赞成;支持 为了纪念…… 寻找 为了纪念 鉴于;由于 就……而言

1.that 引导的同位语从句 Then came the disturbing news that Dolly had become seriously ill. 2.“疑问词+插入语+其他部分” What do you think is the writer’s point of view in this reading passage? 3.The advantage is that...“其优点是……”, that 引导表语 从句
The advantage is that if there is a new illness some of these animals may die,but others will survive and pass on the ability to resist that disease to the next generation.

[句式仿写] 1.接着传来了屠呦呦——中国的一位女科学家, 获得诺贝尔 奖的令人兴奋的消息。 ___T_h_e_n__c_a_m_e__th_e__e_x_c_it_in_g__n_e_w_s____ that Tu Youyou, a Chinese woman scientist, won the Nobel Prize. 2.骑自行车*嗟挠诺闶俏颐强梢怨恢值吞忌睢 ____T_h_e__a_d_v_a_n_ta_g_e__o_f_c_y_c_li_n_g_t_o__w_o_r_k__is_t_h_a_t______we can live a low-carbon life. 3.这本书中你认为哪一部分最有趣? _W__h_i_ch__p_a_r_t_o_f_t_h_i_s_b_o_o_k__d_o_y_o_u__t_h_in_k__ is the most interesting?

undertake vt.(undertook; undertaken)着手; 从事; 承担 (经典例句)If you undertake the project, you are bound to meet with difficulties. 如果你承接这项工程的话,免不了会遇到许多困难。

undertake a task


undertake to do sth.


undertake that?clause


As far as I know,he has undertaken to finish the job by Friday.

据我所知, 他已答应星期五之前完成这项工作。

[巧学活用]——单句语法填空 (1)The project __u_n_d_e_r_t_a_k_e_n__ (undertake) by the young engineer on his own turned out to be very successful. (2)Mr. Collins undertook____t_o_l_o_o_k____ (look) after the children while his wife could go to the fit club with two of her friends. (3)The police are said _t_o_b_e__u_n_d_e_r_ta_k__in_g__ (undertake) detailed investigations into the case at present.

object vi.反对;不赞成 n.物体;目标
(牛津词典)If anybody objects, we’ll postpone the meeting till next week. 如果有人反对, 我们就把会议推迟到下周。

(1)object to sb./sth.


object to doing sth.


(2)objection n.

反对; 厌恶

raise an objection to sth.


have an objection to doing sth.


A 14?year?old boy wrote a post on the Internet to object that

his Dad took away his lucky money. 一个十四岁的男孩在网


[基础练*]——单句语法填空 (1)We object to ____b_e_in_g__b_l_a_m_e_d___ (blame) for something that we haven’t done. (2)I have no ___o_b_j_e_ct_i_o_n__ (object) to the plan, so long as it would not cost too much. (3)He has a strong objection to _s_m__o_k_i_n_g__(smoke) in public places, especially with females present.

[能力提升]——一句多译 就我个人而言, 我反对停车收费。 (4)As far as I’m concerned, I_h_a_v_e_a_n__o_b_j_e_c_ti_o_n_t_o__ch__a_rg_i_n_g__fo_r_ _____p_a_r_k_i_n_g____.(objection) (5)In my opinion, I__o_b_j_e_c_t_t_o_c_h_a_r_g_i_n_g_f_o_r_p_a_r_k_i_n_g__.(object) (6)In my view, I____a_m__o_p_p_o_s_e_d__to__c_h_a_r_g_in_g__f_o_r_p_a_r_k_i_n_g_____. (oppose) (7)From my point of view, _I_’_m__a_g_a_i_n_st__c_h_a_r_g_in_g__fo_r__p_a_r_k_in_g__. (against)

forbid vt. (forbade/forbad,forbidden)禁止,不准 (经典例句)My father forbade me from meeting/to meet my friends online at the Internet café. 我父亲禁止我去网吧见我的网友。

forbid sb.sth. forbid doing sth.

禁止某人某事 禁止做某事

forbid sb.to do sth.



forbid sb.from doing sth.??


As far as I can remember, this place used to forbid parking cars and bikes. 在我的记忆中,这个地方曾经禁止停放汽车和自行车。

[基础练*]——单句语法填空 (1)I will forbid you ___t_o__le_a_v_e___ (leave) unless you apologize for what you have done. (2)The manager forbids_s_m__o_k_in__g_(smoke) during office hours.

[能力提升]——完成句子/句式升级 (3)被禁止外出,我们必须漫无目的地待在家里。 ①普通表达: ___W__e__w_e_r_e_f_o_r_b_id_d__en__f_r_o_m__g_o_in_g__o_u_t____, so we had to stay at home aimlessly. ②高级表达: _F__o_rb__id_d_e_n__f_ro_m___g_o_in_g__o_u_t__, we had to stay at home aimlessly. (分词短语作状语)

owe vt.欠(账、钱、人情等); 归功于……; 应感谢 ( 经 典 例 句 )I must say I owe all the achievements to the encouragement and help from my colleagues and friends. 我必须说我的这些成就都应归功于我的同事和朋友们的鼓励和 帮助。

(1)owe sb. an apology


owe sb.sth.=owe sth.to sb.




owe it to sb.that...


(3)owing to

因为; 由于

Thank you for the magazine you bought for me. How much do I owe you? 谢谢您给我买来这本杂志,我该付您多少钱?

[基础练*]——单句语法填空 (1)He owes his good health __to__ plenty of exercise and a regular life. (2)He owed __it__ to his first teacher of English that he had a good pronunciation.

[能力提升]——完成句子/句式升级 (3)多亏她帮忙,我们才成功启动了引擎。 ①普通表达: __O__w_i_n_g_t_o__h_e_r_a_s_s_is_t_a_n_c_e_,we succeeded in starting the engine. (介词短语) ②高级表达: __I_t _w_a_s_o_w__in__g_t_o_h_e_r__a_ss_i_s_ta_n_c_e__th_a_t__ we succeeded in starting the engine.(强调句型)

bother vt.打扰 vi.操心 n.烦扰; 令人烦恼的事或人
(教材 P14)However,the problem that she later developed a serious lung disease bothered scientists. 然而, 之后她患上了 严重的肺病,这个问题使科学家们困扰。

bother sb.with/about sth. bother to do sth. It bothers sb.that/to do sth.

为某事打扰或麻烦某人 费心去做某事 使某人苦恼的是……

(2015·湖南卷)Sometimes I act as a listening ear for fellow students to talk over what is bothering them. 有时对我的学生来说我充当了听众的角色, 与他们详细聊一聊 正在困扰他们的事情。
I don’t want to put him to any bother,so I try doing it by myself. 我不想给他添乱, 所以, 我试着自己来做这件事。

[巧学活用]——单句语法填空 (1)I am sorry I have bothered you __w__it_h__ so many questions. (2)The famous movie star could hardly walk down the street without ___b__ei_n_g__b_o_th_e_r_e_d____ (bother). (3)What __b_o_t_h_e_r_s__ (bother) me most is that he seems to show no interest in his work.

pay off 得到好结果; 取得成功; 偿清 (经典例句)Our determination and patience paid off with a breakthrough—we got full marks in the exam. 我们的决心和耐心取得了突破性的结果——在考试中我们得了 满分。

pay for


pay back


pay a visit to


pay attention to


What made him happy was that after all these years he at last paid off all his debts. 使他高兴的是经过这些年之后他终于还清了所有的债务。

[巧学活用]——用 pay 的相关短语填空 (1)He had to work part-time so as to__p_a_y__fo_r__ his education. (2)I am sure that he will _p_a_y__b_a_c_k_ every cent he owes you. (3)(山东卷)I was very interested in English and worked hard at it.Finally all my efforts __p_a_i_d_o_f_f_.
in good/poor condition 状况很好(坏); 情况很好(坏) (安徽卷)What I want you to realize is that everybody is likely to be in poor condition. 我想让你意识到的是每个人都可能有状况不好的时候。

My grandmother takes exercise every day, and she is in good condition now. 我奶奶每天都锻炼身体,她现在身体状况很好。
On no condition should you lose heart when you are in trouble. 当你处境危险时,你绝不能失去信心。

[巧学活用]——一句多译 你可以使用这台电脑,条件是你能恰当地使用它并且不弄坏它。 (1)You may use this computer, ___a_s_l_o_n_g_a_s__ you are able to use it properly so as not to damage it. (2)You may use this computer __o_n_c_o_n_d_i_t_io_n__th__a_t __ you are able to use it properly so as not to damage it.

differ vi.不同;相异
(1)differ in differ from (2)difference n. make a difference (3)different adj. be different from... in... (4)differently adv.

在……方面不同 与……不同 不同之处 起作用;有影响 不同的;与众不同的 在……方面与……不同 不同地

(1)As we have communication with foreigners, we should pay more attention to the __d_i_ff_e_r_e_n_c_e_s__ (different) in our body language. (2)I believe if everyone makes a little effort, we can make a big ___d_if_f_e_r_en__ce__ (differ). (3)As a matter of fact, American and British English __d_if_f_e_r__ (different) in many small ways.

strike vt.&vi.打;撞击;罢工;袭击;报时;划(火柴);
忽然想起 n.罢工

(1)be struck by/with...



It strikes sb. that (=It occurs to sb. that) ...


strike...into one’s heart


(2)be/go on strike


[单句语法填空/ 完成句子] (1)The visitors __w_e_r_e_s_t_r_u_c_k_ (strike) by the beauty of the tourist area. (2)A wonderful idea __st_r_u_c_k__ (strike) me suddenly when I was walking on the street. (3)____W__h_a_t_s_t_r_u_c_k_m__e_m__o_s_t_____(使我印象最深的是) was the
enthusiasm of the local people.

(教材 P15)The advantage is that if there is a new illness some of these animals may die,but others will survive and pass on the ability to resist that disease to the next generation. 其优点是如果发生一种新的疾病, 这些动物中的一些可能会死 掉, 但是另外一些却能存活下来, 并将这种抵抗能力传给下 一代。

The advantage is that...优势是……, that 在此处引导表语


The advantage/strength of...is that... ……的优势是……

The disadvantage of...is that...


The drawback of...is that...


The problem of...is that...


The chance is that...


The advantage is that smiling can not only make us happy, but also please others. 其优势在于微笑不仅可以让我们高兴, 还能让别人开心。
The drawback of the popularity of cars is that it brings about so much air pollution. 汽车普及的缺点是它带来了严重的空气污染。

[巧学活用]——完成句子 在你所就读的大学里住宿的优点是如果你有问题可以得到帮 助。 ___T_h_e__a_d_v_a_n_ta_g_e__o_f___ using your university accommodation __i_s_t_h_a_t__ you can get support if you have a problem.

Ⅰ 单句语法填空 1.It’s reported that there’s ____________ big breakthrough in the cancer treatment. 答案:a 2.Heavy floods ____________(strike) the South last week, causing great damage to the local people. 答案:struck

3.There is no doubt that cellphones have a negative impact ____________ our lives. 答案:on 4.The information ____________(obtain) from the Internet is not always true, so we should be careful to check the facts we find on websites. 答案:obtained 5 . I think it is her personality rather than her looks ____________ has struck me. 答案:that

6.The well?known scientist always says that he _________(owe) all his success to the support of his family. 答案:owes 7 . In general, the ____________(correct) of the students’ homework takes up a large part of a teacher’s time. 答案:correction 8.My father ____________(forbid) me to play computer games unless I finish all my homework. 答案:forbids

9.It is ____________(reason) to forgive him. After all, he is only a child. 答案:reasonable 10.The biggest disadvantage is ____________ there are often limits on what you can sell with this approach. 答案:that

Ⅱ 单元语法——复*同位语从句 单句语法填空 1.And you should also have a belief ____________ you are sure to succeed as long as you keep your direction all the time. 答案:that 2.(2016·浙江卷 6 月)A baby will come to accept the idea ______ other people can have different views and desires from what he or she has. 答案:that

3.There is a strong possibility ______ man will mainly depend on solar energy in the future. 答案:that 4.There is a popular view ____________ in city strangers are less likely to help an elderly person.

5.The question ____________ we should continue to do the experiment has not been answered yet. 答案:whether 6.I have no idea ____________ the cellphone isn’t working, so could you fix it for me? 答案:why

Ⅰ 教材与语法填空 根据课文内容,在空白处填入 1 个适当的单词或括号内单词的 正确形式。
Cloning has always been with us and is here to stay. It is a way of 1.____________(make) an exact copy of another animal or plant. It has two major uses. One is 2.____________ gardeners use it to produce commercial quantities of plants. 3.____________ other is that it is valuable for research on new plant species and for medical research on animals. However, the process of cloning is difficult 4.____________(undertake).

Many attempts to clone mammals failed. The breakthrough that scientists made in history is in the year 1996. The first successful cloning, Dolly the sheep, made the whole 5.____________(science) world follow its process, though it had 6.____________(many) problems than the normal sheep. Dolly’s appearance 7.____________(raise) a storm of objections and had a great impact 8.____________ the media and public imagination. Different people have different opinions on it.

However, scientists still wonder whether cloning will help 9.____________ harm us and where it is leading us. Maybe in the 21st century, cloning will be the 10.____________(big) moral dilemma. 答案:1.making 2.that 3.The 4.to undertake 5.scientific 6.more 7.raised 8.on 9.or 10.biggest

Ⅱ 话题知识与写作 (Ⅰ)根据提示翻译下列句子。 1.据我所知,人们对于克隆技术尤其是在克隆人方面分歧相当 大。(differ) ______________________________________________________ 答 案 : As far as I know, people differ greatly in cloning technique, especially cloning human beings.

2.一些人支持它的发展,他们认为这项技术一定会有利于医学 的发展。(in favour of; be bound to) ______________________________________________________ 答案:Some people are in favour of its development, believing the technique is bound to benefit the medical development. 3.相反,另一些人害怕克隆能引起一系列的道德问题,对社会 的发展造成危害。(on the contrary) ______________________________________________________ 答案:On the contrary, others find that it could raise a storm of moral problems, thus causing damage to the social development.

4.我认为,只要所有的人都遵守规则,承诺合理应用克隆技术, 克隆将会取得成功。(on assumption that) ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ 答案:In my opinion, cloning will pay off on assumption that all people obey rules and promise to use it properly.

(Ⅱ)将以上句子连成一篇语言流畅、用词准确、逻辑严密的短 文。 ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________

答案: As far as I know, people differ greatly in cloning technique,
especially cloning human beings. Some people are in favour of its development, believing the technique is bound to benefit the medical development. On the contrary, others find that it could raise a storm of moral problems, thus causing damage to the social development. However, in my opinion, cloning will pay off on assumption that all people obey rules and promise to use it properly.

天*两臂*衡,表示两边的物体质量相等;两臂不*衡,表示两边物体的质量不相等。让学生在天**衡的直观情境中体会等式,符合学生的认知特点。例1在天*图下方呈现“=”,让学生用等式表达天*两边物体质量的相等关系,从中体会等式的含义。教材使用了“质量”这个词,是因为天*与其他的秤不同。*惯上秤计量物体有多重,天*计量物体的质量是多少。教学时不要把质量说成重量,但不必作过多的解释。 例2继续教学等式,教材的安排有三个特点: 第一,有些天*的两臂*衡,有些天*两臂不*衡。根据各个天*的状态,有时写出的是等式,有时写出的不是等式。学生在相等与不等的比较与感受中,能进一步体会等式的含义。第二,写出的四个式子里都含有未知数,有两个是含有未知数的等式。这便于学生初步感知方程,为教学方程的意义积累了具体的素材。第三,写四个式子时,对学生的要求由扶到放。圆圈里的关系符号都要学生填写,学生在选择“=”“>”或“<”时,能深刻体会符号两边相等与不相等的关系;符号两边的式子与数则逐渐放手让学生填写,这是因为他们以前没有写过含有未知数的等式与不等式。
(2) 教学方程的意义,突出概念的内涵与外延。 “含有未知数”与“等式”是方程意义的两点最重要的内涵。“含有未知数”也是方程区别于其他等式的关键特征。在第1页的两道例题里,学生陆续写出了等式,也写出了不等式;写出了不含未知数的等式,也写出了含有未知数的等式。这些都为教学方程的意义提供了鲜明的感知材料。教材首先告诉学生: 像x+50=150、2x=200这样含有未知数的等式叫做方程,让他们理解x+50=150、2x=200的共同特点是“含有未知数”,也是“等式”。这时,如果让学生对两道例题里写出的50+50=100、x+50>100和x+50<200不能称为方程的原因作出合理的解释,那么学生对方程是等式的理解会更深刻。教材接着安排讨论“等式和方程有什么关系”,并通过“练一练”第1题让学生先找出等式,再找出方


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